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Home Theater

An unlimited number of home entertainment possibilities.


Residential Solutions,Commercial Solutions, Maintenance and Support.


Basic of smart Living in the following- Single-Family House, Condominiums, Town-Houses and Multi-FamilyHomes.

Home Automation

Easily check on everything from room temperature to security issues even when you’re away from the house. All you need is internet access.


Five-Star comfort, convenience and control for new and existing hotels and commercial building of all sizes. Lutron is ONE Globally trusted brand in hospitality. You welcome guests from all over the world—– your control system should be just as universal.
Lutron offers comprehensive energy-saving and comfort-control solutions-for lights,shade, and temperature- as well as intelligent building integration for all properties across the globe. 
For more than 55yrs, Lutron has set the standard for innovation, quality and services, and since 1976 Lutron have help create the perfect atmosphere in some of the world finest hotels.


Power Solutions

Power maintenance, Keep Operation going, Surge Protection, Inverters and Solar Applications.

Smart City

Like any Smart system, a smart city is one in which sensors-driven data collection and powerful analytics are used to automate and orchestrate a wide range of services in the interests of better performance, lower costs, and lessened environmental impact.


Our Solutions enable a business owner to control all aspects of a technology-driven Smart Space from the convenience of a unified user interface.

Conference Room

High-definition televisions and projectors, view screens, integrated telephone and teleconferencing equipments, video conferencing capabilities, shade and lighting control systems and individual internet and e-mail access.

Lighting Control

Soft, romantic lighting for intimate dinner or bright, energized lighting for a gym environment, or anything in between, we can design the right lighting system for your home or business.

What Is IoT?

“IoT” makes “dumb” devices “smarter” by giving them the ability to send data over the internet, allowing the devices to communicate with people and other IoT- enabled things.
The connected ‘Smart home’ is a good example of IoT in action. Internet enabled thermostat, doorbells,smoke detectors and security alarms create a connected hub where data is shared between physical devices and user can remotely control the “things” in that hub { i.e–, adjusting temperature setting, unlocking doors, etc } via a moblie app or website.
Far from being restricted to just the home, the internet of things can be found in an array of devices, industries and setting. From smart blackboards in the school Classroom to medical devices that can detect signs of Parkinson’s disease. IoT is rapidly making the world smarter by connecting the physical and digital.