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Coffee Table Book

What do the Internet, smart phones, laptops, GPS, TV remotes, and the microwave oven have in common? Technology. Whether you love technology, or simply accept the fact that it’s part of our daily lives and culture, this book bridges the gap between technology and aesthetics, showcasing beautiful estate homes, hip apartments and corporate boardrooms’ use of technology, woven into the environment, some so stealth the transformation itself is magic.

Control 4

You can use your iPad as an interface to your Control4 system to create custom lighting scenes; to conveniently control entertainment systems; or to take advantage of energy savings with programmable thermostats and other ‘green’ settings. If you’ve already experience mobile control using your iPhone or iPod Touch, you’ll be even more impressed by the iPad app which is designed to take advantage of the large screen size making it even easier to manage your home.


Imagine using your iPad as a touch panel for your home entertainment system, or to control all the lights in for home. Iteqliving and Lutron Mobile Pro G puts a professional-looking Crestron touch panel user interface right on the popular Apple iPad, enabling all kinds of customizable control capability, while using the iPad’s entire screen space.

Display Viewing Distance Guide

A guide to display viewing distance and viewing angle and distance calculations.

Hidden Installation

While homeowners continue to explore ways of duplicating the movie theater experience in their homes, allocating a dedicated space and staring at electronic gear hanging on walls and ceilings when not in use have become the challenge of electronic systems contractors, architects, interior designers, and various other residential building trade professionals. Today, the emphasis is on the WOW factor and the ability to transform one room into a multifunctional room with the push of a button.

Home Technology Planning Guide

Whether you are building a new home, remodeling your existing home or simply installing a home entertainment system, it’s important to hire a technology contractor (A/V Design Specialist) who will get the job done properly. In many construction trades, most people (including electricians) are unfamiliar with the new products and technologies that are available for a low voltage system, or technologies outside their core expertise. Quality home technology installation requires a rare breed of expertise and professionalism – and that’s what you’ll get with Iteqliving. Home Technology includes: Multi-room Audio, Theater System, Home automation, iPhone/iPad home control, Distributed Video, Energy efficiency, Lightning protection, Security systems …and more. Fill out your information on the right, and we will send you a FREE copy of our Home Technology Planning Guide!

Integrate and Celebrate

Technology Integration as a Forethought, for the Forward-Thinking Architect and Design Professional.

Outdoor Music System

There is no mistaking the difference between awesome outdoor music systems and the occasional pair of speakers installed in a few locations. The acoustics of outdoor spaces differ greatly from indoor spaces.

Space Management

Why is AV Important? Using and integrating technology creates possibilities. One part art, another part science, AV systems are used to communicate and entertain, and provide comfort, security, and ambience.

Surround Sound Placement

How to set place your surround sound speakers for the best quality.