A well-conceived lighting control system is an important element of a home movie theater. From a strictly performance standpoint, the light sources must be conformed so that they don’t cast any clare on the screen, which would wash out the picture. Lighting controls must also allow for an aesthetic quality that sets the right mood and that makes the room inviting and comfortable. Most importantly, they need to satisfactorily illuminate the room to allow people to safely move about. If a home theater happens to be located in a multi-purpose room, other lighting factors come into play such as making allowances for entertainment purposes, reading, or playing games.

Home 9 Lighting Control

Whole house lighting control


In addition to home theater lighting, THSC-ITEQLIVING  offers homeowners whole house residential lighting control systems that offer added convenience, energy conservation, and security benefits. Dimmers and switches can be connected to master controls that turn lights on and off throughout the house and garden,as well as monitor lights for energy-saving purposes. Landscape lights can even be automatically synched to the astronomical time clock. “ALL-ON” buttons can be activated in case of emergencies to instantly illuminate all home lights and security systems. Lighting controls can also be designed to consolidate or eliminate traditional switches by replacing them with single keypad or touchscreen for a clean, attractive appearance.


Moving up the technology ladder, a homeowner can also choose lighting controls that dim lights or switch lights on and off based on input from sensors to detect motion or infrared radiation from a person. There are also photo sensors that adjust light levels based on the amount of available daylights, and sensors that are suitable for accessibility purposes that operate lighting by voice or sound. Many lighting control systems also include the option of remote control via phone or computer. Homeowners are offered virtually unlimited options in programming a customized lighting control scheme. Some popular solutions include turning on the hallway lights from a bedroom to check on a baby at night or to create a lighted path to the refrigerator for a late night snack. Another popular program is automatically lighting a way through the house that is actuated by the garage door being opened. Customized lighting control solutions are also used to create mood and ambience, whereby a dining room dimly lit for a romantic dinner one night can be transformed into a brightly-lit space for a family party the next night. They also enhance the design of a room through the use of plant lights, spotlights for artwork, cove lighting, and wall sconces.

Commercial Lighting Control


Enhance your operations and improve your bottom line with a well-conceived business lighting system. From the conference room to the reception area, break room, and all other areas, it is essential to have the proper lighting to complete the task at hand.
ITEQLIVING can create the right lighting environment for your business. Whether you wish to create soft, romantic lighting for intimate dinner service or bright, energized lighting for a gym environment, or anything in between, our technicians can design the right lighting system for your business. With the help of automated shades, we can work natural lights into your overall lighting environment and create two integrated systems that change with the seasons to provide consistent, business-focussed lighting all year round.
Our automated lighting systems can also help you to improve your bottom line. In addition to saving valuable employee time while allowing your managers to focus on other things, our automated lighting system can help you to save energy. Minimize your use of artificial lighting in the summer and maximize it in the winter. Ensure that the energy used for your lighting is used for just that– lighting-and not to unnecessarily heat your space. Improve employee morale and innovative lighting solutions that keep them energized and happy.

Light Control Benefits

Light Control Increases Comfort and May Improve Productivity

ALL Lutron Dimmers Save Energy

ALL Light Sources Use Less Energy

Dimming Saves Energy and the Environment While Enriching your Life

Lutron Solutions can Contribute to 46 of the 110 possible Points in LEED NC v4

Using Dimmers Saves Money

ALL Lutron Dimmers Extend Bulb Life