Keep all business’s controls together and accessible, THSC-ITEQLIVING designs and installs sophisticated internet, computer and entertainment network solutions for large residential and commercial environments. Our solutions enable a business owner to control all aspects of a technology- driven smart space from the convenience of a unified user interface such as wand-style universal remote, a touch panel control system, a mobile phone, or a PC.

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Innovative Technology

Traditionally, configuring a business network involves connecting your business’s PCs to create a LAN{local-area network}. At the center of the LAN sits a device called a hub, which acts as a centralized point of connection for all the devices on the network, otherwise referred to as nodes. Data circulates throughout the network between the hub and the nodes via a common language, or protocol, that lets the networked machines communicate with one another.

THSC-ITEQLIVING’s network services, while similar in theory, involve more in the way of automation systems that integrate electronics, lighting controls, theater rooms and media rooms, whole space audio systems, heating controls, security systems and many other appliances and systems through a centrally-controlled network. These systems are custom designed and professionally installed by THSC engineers and technicians, respectively, offering the business owner a convenient turnkey system that saves time and money by controlling electronics through a central control.

THSC has earned a stellar reputation for effectively communicating our building and performance requirements for the network services, and all the other systems we install, to architects, builders, and interior designers. Together, we find solutions that meet everyone’s needs, and meet our scheduled milestones in the field to keep building projects on track.

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